Toronto's only fully immersive English Mandarin School
At The Dalton School, your child will experience all the benefits that come with a bilingual education. Our enriched, academic program develops well-rounded children with the skills and confidence they need to take on future challenges – whatever they may be.

Building A Child’s Brain

At The Dalton School, your child’s brain will grow by leaps and bounds. Research has proven that there are developmental benefits associated with an immersive English/Mandarin educational environment like ours. Case in point: many childhood experts say that multilingual children – who speak languages with different roots such as English and Mandarin – have a range of sounds and understandings that are, in every sense, mind-expanding.

According to research, English speakers use mainly the left side of their brain, while those who speak English and Mandarin use both of their brain’s temporal lobes, dramatically improving their chances of both academic and career success. For example, this stretching of cognitive muscles has been proven to improve a child’s proficiency in subjects such as math, as well as improve their executive functioning and decision-making ability.