Toronto's only fully immersive English Mandarin School
The Dalton School is the only school in Toronto that offers a fully immersive dual-language English/Mandarin program. Our curriculum strikes a careful balance between offering children the freedom to explore and teaching them the discipline it takes to learn and succeed.

Grades 7-8 Curriculum

Grades 7-8 are when our students refine their learning skills and work habits, to prepare them for the next chapter in their education at secondary school. It is a time when our immersive English/Mandarin education truly kicks-in, with our students becoming highly proficient in both languages and ready to take on the world.

Our Grade 7-8 students spend half of their day in an English-speaking environment and the other half in a fully-immersive Mandarin environment. Phys ed, art and music are incorporated throughout both language programs on a weekly basis.

Our rigorous curriculum promotes interaction between students that builds cooperation, collaboration and leadership skills. We have small class sizes that allow our caring staff to deliver personalized attention that will enable our students to learn and excel.

Students will need to speak Mandarin to enter The Dalton School at this time.

English Literacy

In Grades 7 and 8, our students develop advanced editing skills and gain an understanding of the styles of writing/audience. Students are taught speech writing, debating skills and hone their writing skills by preparing 5 paragraph essays.They are involved in novel study discussions, learn about word etymologies and build their vocabularies and spelling skills. In addition, they participate in advanced word study and learn how to create analogies.

Mandarin Literacy

Our intensive Grades 7–8 Mandarin literacy program allows our student to apply their skills in all areas of writing. They learn advanced punctuation and sentence structure, memorize traditional poetry, are exposed to a variety of texts and are involved in novel study and discussions.


Mathematics is taught in both languages at The Dalton School. Students in Grades 7 and 8 will learn about advanced operations involving decimals, fractions, percent, powers of numbers and negative numbers. They will develop an understanding of rational numbers and work with linear equations. Students will draw, construct, analyze and describe geometric figures and their relationships as well as learn to calculate the area of polygons and circles. Investigating, evaluating, learning to draw conclusions and solving real-life mathematical problems will be integrated throughout the program.

Social Studies/Science

Social studies and science are taught in both languages at The Dalton School. In Grades 7 and 8, our students learn about Canadian history from 1713 – 1914, the world’s natural resources and economic development. We also teach them about life systems and cells, structure and function, substances and mixtures. Plus, students discover how heat energy and water systems work.

Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)

Technology is an important part of our curriculum, incorporated into all areas. Grades 7-8 students develop and create ideas using a variety of mediums. They are taught how to use Excel, PowerPoint and other tools when preparing presentations. They gain a basic understanding of software and learn the basics of coding. Plus, online safety is always at the forefront.

Key Field Trips

Field Trips in both English and Mandarin help to enhance the learning experience. Throughout the year, we have Scientists in School, Mandarin workshops and other off-campus outings.