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The Dalton School offers After and Before School Care for parents who need it, as well as a diverse range of After School Programs, with many of the programs, multilingual.

After School Listings

S.T.E.A.M. is an acronym for: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Design, Mathematics. This is not a program but rather a philosophy that integrates these five disciplines in the classroom. The Dalton School has moved toward adopting this philosophy for their After School Programs. All After School Programs will encompass STEAM skills which are vital for success in the 21st century. Your children will learn to collaborate, cooperate and communicate!

Please note: No Refunds once a program has been purchased.

Before School Care

Do you need to drop off your child before classes begin? You can do so at The Dalton School. We offer Before School Care from 7:45 – 8:20 a.m., free of charge. Your child will be supervised by one of our teachers. No need to register for this program.