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It’s easy to apply to The Dalton School. Our application form for school enrolment is online. If you want to visit us, you can easily book a spot on our daily tours.

Tuition and Fees

Welcome! We can't wait to welcome your family to the Dalton community. We pride ourselves on being a school that embraces the children, their parents and their grandparents!

Total cost per student for the 2021-2022 School Year: $23,450.00


Tuition Includes:

Real Foods for Real Kids (RFRK) Lunch Program: a daily nutritious, hot lunch provided for the school year Sept.–June

Activity Fee: for activities such as Field Trips/Scientists in Schools/Workshops and Programs


All four-instalment cheques MUST be received at the time of acceptance.

Instalment 1: Due April 1st: $6,275.00 
* Annual Aftercare should be included with this cheque. Please see below for After School Care fees

Instalment 2: Due June 1st: $6,200.00 

Instalment 3: Due September 1st: $6,200.00

Instalment 4: Due December 1st: $4,775.00

After School Care

Occasional Use:
$15 until 5:00pm
$25.00 until 6:00pm (invoiced monthly)

Regular After-Care Use:
$300.00 (invoiced monthly or pay online*)

*there is an additional banking fee for online payment

Annual After Care:
$2,200.00/year due April 1st, 2020


Please be advised: 

There is a three (3) week probationary period for new students. During this time, if our program is not suitable for your child due to school readiness, developmental issues, toilet-training, or behavioural challenges, enrolment may need to be terminated. Tuition will be refunded accordingly. There is no refund for the application fee.

Hiring of teachers and educational commitments are set in the spring of each year.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer tuition refunds once cheques have been received. There is no refund or reduction in fees in case of withdrawal, dismissal, non-attendance, absence or cancellation.