Toronto's only fully immersive English Mandarin School
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School FAQs

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our school. If you require any further information, please contact our Principals at or 416.432.3475.

What is Dual Language Education?

Dual Language (also known as two-way immersion) is an enriched form of education where children learn core, grade level academic subjects in two languages. Dual Language programs have proved to be very effective in providing many academic advantages to students as well as the added bonus of bilingualism.

The Dalton School is a JK to Grade 8 elementary program. We follow a 50/50 model; half of the day is spent speaking, reading and writing with a native English speaking teacher and the second half of the day is spent speaking, reading and writing in Mandarin with a native Chinese speaking teacher. The goals of our program are for students to become bilingual, biliterate and academically successful in all areas.

Why choose The Dalton School?

Studies have shown that in four to five years, students in dual language classrooms typically outperform their peers in monolingual classrooms. As well, further studies have proven that students sustain these positive results and advantages over their peers through middle school and high school (Dumas 1999; Curtain 1990).

At the Dalton School, we have created an enriched, skill-based, bilingual curriculum by combining the Ontario curriculum with aspects of the Chinese National curriculum, as well as the Hanban (YCT) curriculum. Employing teachers with a wide range of experiences also allows us to have a forward thinking, diverse approach to learning. Teachers use specific strategies to ensure that students are able to understand academic material in both languages.

Why is Mandarin part of our mandate?

Mandarin requires the use of more areas of the brain than learning English, French or Spanish. Learning traditional Romance languages such as French or Spanish focuses on the use of the left side of the brain. Mandarin, due to the character symbol relationship and tones, requires the use of both the right and left side of the brain. Young children easily absorb the difficult tones and nuances of the Mandarin language. The US Department of Defense lists Mandarin as a level 4 language in terms of difficulty – in contrast, French, Spanish and English are listed as level 1 languages. Research also shows that once a person has learned a second language, a third or fourth language is learned more easily (Wellcome Trust Research Charity, UK; Science Daily 2011).

What are the benefits of a Dual Language Program?

There are many benefits to raising a bilingual child. Bilingualism increases mental flexibility and gives students a better understanding of how language functions. Bilingual children often outperform monolingual children on standardized tests. Additionally, bilingual children maintain a strong sense of their own identity while developing sensitivity towards other people and cultures (Kaushanskaya 2009).

What are the language requirements to enter your school?

Students are not required to speak Mandarin or English fluently to attend The Dalton School up until Grade 4. Students who do not speak English or Mandarin fluently will need to have an interview and assessment to determine if they are eligible to attend The Dalton School.

Do parents need to speak Mandarin for their child to attend The Dalton School?

Absolutely not! Our program is designed for children to be successful through their own hard work. While we encourage parents to be involved in their child’s education it is not necessary to be able to help with homework as our goal is to ensure all children have internalized concepts well enough to manage homework independently.

We welcome all children to our program; English speaking, Mandarin speaking and those from all other cultures and backgrounds with an interest in learning Mandarin. Our program promotes bilingualism, bi-literacy and multiculturalism.

Is it true that you are Toronto’s first immersive English/Mandarin language school?

Yes! There are currently no other Mandarin dual language public or private schools in the Toronto area other than The Dalton School. In an article in The Toronto Star, The Dalton School was cited as Toronto’s first dual language English/Mandarin program (Feb. 2013). The Dalton School was also featured in an article in the National Post: An Edge, Many Benefits to Immersion into Another Language (Oct. 2016).

Do children wear uniforms at The Dalton School?

Yes! To encourage a sense of pride, unity and community, all students are expected to wear their uniform every day. The Uniform is available at

Please call us if you need more information 416-432-3475

Do you have a lunch program?

Yes! A nutritious lunch is included with tuition. Parents are also encouraged to provide two nut-free snacks in reusable containers.

Do you have an after-care program?

Yes! We offer a daily aftercare program for parents who require it.

Probation Period

Upon enrolment, there is a three (3) week probationary period. During this time, if our program is not suitable for your child due to school readiness, developmental issues, toilet-training, or behavioural challenges, enrolment may need to be terminated. Tuition will be refunded accordingly. There is no refund for the application fee.

I know you provide excellent academics, but do you also teach phys ed, art, music?

Absolutely, and like our academic subjects, these classes are taught in both English and Mandarin by native speaking teachers.

How will I keep up-to-date with what is happening at the school?

To keep you informed and up-to-date, we offer parent education, a curriculum evening, a monthly newsletter, parent/teacher conferences and 2 formal report cards throughout the year.

Do you offer after school programs?

Yes! We offer a diverse range of after school programs, with many of the programs multilingual. Our programs emphasize the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Design and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M.) skills that are vital for success in the 21st century. What’s more, they will teach your child important skills such as how to collaborate, cooperate and communicate. We have programs for Lego lovers as well as those interested in chess, books, animals, creative movement, French, Spanish, piano and a multitude of other areas.

Is it possible to tour The Dalton School?

Absolutely! We offer tours each Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. Please fill out the form to request a spot on the tour date of your preference.

Does my child need to bring their own computer to your school?

Students in Grades JK-6 have access to Mac computers, iPads as well as interactive white board technology and digital media resources. Students in Grade 7 and 8 bring their own laptop computers.

Is there parking for parents at The Dalton School?

There is no parking however we have a drop off/pick-up circle for Dalton families that is directed by our staff.