Toronto's only fully immersive English Mandarin School

Established in 2012, The Dalton School is an enriched, dual-language, co-ed school in Toronto for children JK-Grade 8 where all core academic subjects are taught in both English and Mandarin by native speaking teachers.

Principal's Message

The Dalton School has a curriculum that is unlike any other school in Toronto. We are the only totally immersive English/Mandarin school in our city with a curriculum designed to help our students achieve superior academic proficiency in both languages.

We do this, by exposing our students to an enriched program that not only focuses on academic excellence, it also promotes inquisitiveness, curiousity and innovation from an early age.

Our forward-thinking curriculum is the envy of many other schools. It is innovative, incorporating best practices from both provincial and international educational institutions; and it is designed to develop foundational skills to learning, build self-confidence and challenge young minds.

Our English/Mandarin education builds a child’s brain power beyond any other form of study. It increases a child’s aptitude and performance in subjects such as math and enhances their chances of future academic and career success. What’s also noteworthy, is that it improves a child’s executive functioning and their ability to make decisions and adds flexibility and creativity to their thinking that is not present in those who speak a single language.

At The Dalton School, we provide our students with precisely what they need to develop into global citizens with a keen cultural sensitivity and awareness. Our students can speak, read and write in both Mandarin and English – two of the most spoken languages in the world – providing them with so many opportunities around the world.

We are a stimulating place for children to grow and learn, with a philosophy of respect for others and we are committed to nurturing every one of our students so that they can reach his or her full potential.

We truly want your child here to begin their journey. Welcome to the Dalton School.